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Knackpy is a Python client module for interacting with data stored in Knack applications.

What does it do?

It provides a developer-friendly interface to the Knack API from a Python client.

Why does it exist?

The Transportation Department maintains a suite of low-code business applications built with a web platform called Knack.

Knack applications support a growing number of needs within the department, including a visitor sign-in application, an interactive data inventory, and an asset and work management system.

Knackpy makes it easy for developers to integrate Knack applications with other systems by providing a simple interface to extract data from and load data into the application.

A common use case is to publish data from a Knack application to the City’s Socrata-powered open data portal. By passing Knackpy a handful of application parameters, data is extracted in a state that is ready for upload to the data portal (via Sodapy).

Where is it used?

How is it used?

Knackpy can be installed in any Python application as a module.